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1. Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province and Shenzhen in Guangdong Province made the biggest progress in improving traffic with measures including vehicle restrictions and better road links, said the report.
2. He argues, however, that “US monetary policy is often just as important as domestic factors in explaining the incidence of EM crises, if not more important.”
3. 榜单前十位还包括:第五名的亚马逊总裁杰夫·贝佐斯,第六名的Facebook的马克·扎克伯格,位居第七的甲骨文公司老板拉里·埃里森,第八名的迈克尔·彭博及并列第九的科赫兄弟(大卫·科赫和迈克尔·科赫)。
4. 社交网络内容将出现在谷歌搜索结果页面
5. ['greisf?l]
6. 3.体操类比赛项目


1. 周二公布的数据显示,去年12月,中国规模以上工业企业利润同比下降8%,是2011年末以来的最大降幅。11月数据的同比下滑幅度为4.2%。
2. Time Management
3. The number of country rankings published this year rose to 42, up from 38 last year. The newly featured countries are Argentina, Mexico, Pakistan and Romania.
4. 此外,他还刷新了他职业新高的助攻数、2分球命中率(63%),还有同样为职业生涯最高的78.5%的罚球命中率。而且,他这赛季的篮板数比职业生涯平均篮板数也多了0.4个。总而言之,詹姆斯本赛季在除得分以外,各项数据都是堪称亮眼。
5. Lawrence, 26, took the top spot largely through a slice of the profits from the final movie in the Hunger Games franchise, as well as a big upfront fee for her forthcoming space adventure movie Passengers, Forbes said.
6. 获奖者:加拿大总理贾斯廷·特鲁多


1. 单词circulation 联想记忆:
2. n. 外表,外貌,出现,出场,露面
3. 同样跻身2013年全球最贵城市前十名的还有新加坡、苏黎士、巴黎、委内瑞拉首都加拉加斯和日内瓦。
4. 'How do I explain the fact that I got a GQ Man of the Year award and no women's magazines and no women's organisations have supported me?
5. The rise of ephemeral social networks
6. adv. 最初,开头


1. It pours the perfect pint from the bottom of the glass.
2. Cheng further says, "once you find a list that fits your needs, just tap on the list to see suggested locations. Then swipe right or left to see more options and tap 'read more' or the arrow at the bottom of the screen to select a venue and get more details.".
3. Martha Cherry took a cigarette out of her mouth, murmured, "I've been there," and resumed smoking. Marc was in shock (which, let's face it, is a pretty healthy response when you realize your own mother may or may not have had thoughts of murdering you while you bathed). He realized for the first time how desperate and lonely it could be to be a housewife. He realized then and there that he was upon a very good idea for a TV show. This conversation was the birth of Desperate Housewives.
4. I once had an advisor that said to me when I expressed fear of a difficult class, "Do you want to get an education or not?"
5. 同样令人震惊的是百日咳的发病率上升了59%,而百日咳是一种半个世纪前的综合免疫接种计划没能彻底消灭的疾病。
6. 6、所有扮演邦德的演员都是高个子,这不是巧合。身高1.6的男人每年要多赚175000英镑才能与身高1.8的男人媲美。很多人欣赏丹尼尔在《皇家赌场》的魁梧身材。科学研究证明,肌肉男有更多的一夜情,从一个男人的臂围可以看出他与多少女人风流过,魁梧身段就意味着他是个不错的情人。


1. The report found that students majoring in art, agriculture and engineering were more willing to start businesses, while those majoring in history and science showed relatively low interest.
2. Also on the first floor is a library with dark paneling, as well as a fireplace. The kitchen is outfitted with granite countertops, tile surrounds, stainless-steel appliances and a checkered floor. French doors open to a patio.
3. 与比利时接壤的法国已经有大量志愿者出国加入伊斯兰国圣战组织,这个组织占领了伊拉克和叙利亚的大片区域。



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